The hiberNATION Festival of the Lo-Fi is an online music festival now in its second season. Run by Damian Barbeler, Liam Mulligan Sian Lindsay and Dahyo Lloyd, it is a place for spontaneous experimental expression in live streams, in sound, video and through collective art events. It gives a platform to both emerging and established artists and has featured musicians and ensembles such as Timothy Constable, Claire Edwardes, Zubin Kanga, Anna McMichael, Ben Carey and Ensemble Offspring.

Konzerprojekt was featured in hiberNATION's 2020 season with a stream called Sketchy Audio, a chaotic group improvisation complete with live graphic scores and internet lag. In 2021, we are using hiberNATION livestreams to play The Telephone Game. Secret messages have been encoded in musical improvisations and passed around members of Konzertprojekt, who must make the sounds their own.

8 August 2021, 8pm acoustic improvisations from Gabrielle Cadenhead and Sophie Van Dijk, with backing tracks by Maddy Briggs

13 September 2021, 8pm electronic processing from Maddy Briggs and Christine Pan

26 September 2021, 8pm experimental improvisation from Ben Robinson and Rhys Little


Click here to watch the streams on the hiberNATION website!