About KP

Konzertprojekt is a new music collective with inclusivity at our core. Focusing on emerging artists, we curate concerts which feature composers and performers of diverse genders, cultural backgrounds, sexualities and abilities, and seek to cultivate a vibrant community of living music strengthened by the different voices it presents.

Konzertprojekt began as a group of student composers and performers studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and have evolved into a dynamic team of students and graduates dedicated to expanding the bounds of live performance to showcase chamber, audiovisual and electroacoustic music in all its forms.

Our Light Qualities series was featured in the Vivid Sydney Festival in 2019, and in 2018 we were a recipient of the Flute Society of New South Wales grant. We have worked with a wide range of emerging ensembles, including Ensemble Terra, The Judgment of Paris and Quart-Ed, and commissioned many of our compositional peers. We look forward to sharing our upcoming projects, concerts and collaborations with you.

The following artists make up the collective that is Konzertprojekt. Individually we compose original music for our concerts, and together we make these events happen!

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Maddy Briggs

Maddy Briggs is an upcoming composer based in Sydney. Her pieces often create a soundscape, with real sourced sounds peverted by electronic means, in order to create a unique and intriguing listening experience. Her interest lies in translating ideas across different artistic mediums, as well as using composition as a device to navigate ideas of complex emotion or social unrest. Currently studying English and Composition at the University of Sydney and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, she became a member of the composer collective Konzertprojekt in 2020. She has also been commissioned by Vivid Sydney in 2019 and had a piece featured in the 2018 Extended Play New Music Festival.

Website: soundcloud.com/hurricanemaddy

Gabrielle Cadenhead

Gabrielle Cadenhead is a recent graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium with a Bachelor of Music Studies (Composition) and a Bachelor of Arts (English and Studies in Religion) from the University of Sydney. A multi-disciplinary artist, Gabrielle’s poetry often finds its way into her music, and she is passionate about music as a storytelling medium. She is a founding member of Konzertprojekt and its current President, and one of her deepest joys is collaborating with friends to create personal and meaningful music. In December 2021, Gabrielle’s new work will be workshopped and performed by Ensemble Offspring for their Hatched Composer School.

Website: gabriellecadenhead.com

Photo by Connor Malanos

Rhys Little

Rhys Little is a Sydney-based composer, performer and conductor with a young but packed-full career in many sides of the music industry. An alumni of the Conservatorium High School, he studied composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under the tutelage of Liza Lim, Damien Ricketson, Gerard Brophy, and Jack Symonds (CHS). He holds a Bachelor of Music (Composition) with First Class Honours. Rhys’s music overlaps many genres of ‘classical’ music; his work is at once modernist and romantic, and some pieces dabble in spoken text and electronics. All of Rhys’s music is concerned with portraying the subtlety of human existence and experience, which is likely the basis of its diversity of styles. Rhys is a vanguard of the new generation of art musicians, intent on breathing new life into ‘classical’ music.

Website: soundcloud.com/rhys-ittle

Christine Pan

Christine Pan is an upcoming composer commended for her versatility, having created music for dance and games to physics and dark drama films. She takes pride in meticulously researching non-Western cultures to ethically draw inspiration for her works. Her music has been played by the Goldner Quartet, Ensemble Offspring, and other renowned industry musicians. In 2022, she will be continuing her composer residency for Filipinx play Salt Baby, produced by Asian-Australian led theatre company Ka-llective, and working with acclaimed harpist Kate Moloney on a solo work to be produced, recorded and published by the ABC.

Website: soundcloud.com/christinepanmusic

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson is a versatile Australian composer with a flair for rhythmically exciting chamber music and captivating melodic gestures. A graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, he was awarded the Raymond Hanson Memorial Prize by his tutors for excellence in composition. Ben’s music creates an engaging trajectory from start to finish, and his agile and colourful ideas appeal to a wide audience of listeners, regardless of their understanding of classical music. His teacher and mentor Paul Stanhope writes, “Ben’s achievements speak for themselves, as does his strong sense of a compositional voice.” Despite the effects of the global pandemic, Ben has kicked off his career with commissions for the Australian National Academy of Music’s bold new project The ANAM Set, Sydney’s charismatic orchestral collective Ensemble Apex, and the Sydney Opera House.

Website: benrobinson333.com

Sophie Van Dijk

Sophie Van Dijk is a composer and violinist passionate about writing music to explore elements of faith, society and humanity. She aims to share these things with others to bring joy and foster dialogue and community. Sophie is completing her Honours year of a Bachelor of Music (Composition) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Notable commissions include: Light Qualities (part of Vivid Sydney in 2019), Radford College and Trinity Grammar School where she was the 2019 Composer-in-Residence. Sophie was selected to participate in the 2017 Coro Innominata Women Composers Development Program, and the composers streams of Gondwana National Choral School (2019) and AYO National Music Camp (2020). In addition to composing, Sophie enjoys working behind the scenes to “make new music happen”. She is the Development Coordinator at Ensemble Offspring, and was co-curator of Konzertprojekt's Light Qualities mini-festival (part of Vivid Sydney in 2019).

Website: sophievandijk.com

Rosa Clifford

Rosa Clifford is a composer and researcher. She is currently studying a Master of Music degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Her research centres around the analysis of space, shape and silence within composition. Her compositions are directly influenced by her research, they incorporate elements of spatialization and focus on creating shapes and evolving textures. In 2021, Rosa had compositions performed by the SCM Symphony Orchestra and members of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. In 2022, she will be participating in the Bodytorque program in collaboration with a choreographer from the Australian Ballet.

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